Frequently Asked Questions


Are these chocolates really made here?

YES, we make all our truffles, pralines and fondants by hand, here in the Chocolate Café workshop in Eye, Suffolk.

How long do they last?

We do not add preservatives, such as extra sugar or alcohols, so our chocolates are fresh and pure, and are best eaten within two weeks of purchase.

Are your chocolates gluten-free?

All chocolate is naturally gluten-free. Most of our recipes do not include any gluten but there are a few exceptions; Boys’ Night Out and Girls’ Night In are beer- and wine-infused chocolates and contain trace gluten; also, our Crazy Caramel is decorated with salted caramel rice balls that contain gluten.

Are your chocolates suitable for vegetarians?
Yes, our chocolates are suitable for vegetarians – we have even checked our alcohols to ensure that they are vegetarian.

Do you make chocolate suitable for vegans?

Yes we make a wide selection of dark chocolates that are suitable for vegans, as dark chocolate is naturally dairy-free. This includes our dark chocolate bars, dark chocolate nuts, dipped orange slices, dipped ginger, hot chocolate flakes and dark chocolate-coated honeycomb. Please be aware for those vegans who don’t eat honey, our honeycomb is now made with glucose – not honey.

Whilst all our dark chocolate vegan-friendly products comply with vegan requirements in terms of their recipes, we cannot guarantee that they are 100% free from traces of dairy or honey as we do make all our chocolates in one environment.

Do you produce nut-free chocolate?

No, although we do make chocolates without nuts in, we cannot give a 100% guarantee of any being nut-free as we make all our chocolates in one space and, as a result, they may contain nut traces. We DO work with: almonds, hazelnuts,  brazils, walnuts, pistachios. We do NOT currently work with peanuts. 

Do any of your chocolates contain alcohol?

Yes, some of our fresh chocolates have alcohol in them and are clearly marked

in their product descriptions on the menu that comes with each box. Unlike lots of chocolate makers, we do not use neutral alcohol as a preservative. So unless it says so, our chocolates do not contain alcohol. Currently our alcohol chocolates are: Bubbles – Champagne ganache; Girls’ Night In – red wine ganache; Boys’ Night Out – Suffolk Ale; Rum Tickle – dark rum; Sozzled Raisin – dark rum; Christmas Pudding – French brandy. 

Do you make any dairy-free chocolates?

Yes we make a wide selection of items in dark chocolate that do not contain dairy and are therefore also suitable for vegans. However, we cannot guarantee that they will be 100% dairy-free as we make everything in one space and work with milk and other dairy products.

Do you work with raw egg in your chocolate kitchen?

Yes – although there are no egg recipes in our chocolate range, the chocolate kitchen is connected to the café kitchen where eggs are used on a daily basis for baking.

Do you make your chocolate from cocoa beans?

No. Like most artisan chocolatiers, we work with "couverture" chocolate. It comes to us in small buttons to temper and create our delicious chocolates, much the same as a baker, who chooses fine flour to create cakes. We are constantly searching out new couvertures to blend with new flavours and create new chocolates for our customers.

Do you offer chocolate workshops for children or adults?

Yes, we offer chocolate talks, parties and workshops for groups of six or more on Tuesday to Saturday afternoons. Please see our courses page on our website.

Do you send chocolates overseas?

No, unfortunately we are currently unable to offer an overseas service.

Do you use a courier to send the chocolates?

Our chocolates are delivered by Royal Mail as we find postmen very efficient at delivering to domestic addresses. All items are sent by a minimum of first class. If the recipient is not in to receive the item, the postman will leave a card: the item can be collected from the local delivery depot.

Do you work with diabetic chocolate?

No, we do not work with any "diabetic" chocolate. We do work with fine quality dark chocolate that means low sugar levels and outside of our caramels, we add very little sugar to our recipes. 

Does your chocolate contain soya?

Yes, currently the majority of our chocolates are made with a small amount of soya. Some of the higher grade couvetures we buy are made without: however, these may be dipped, or piped into chocolates shells, containing soya.

Where can I buy your chocolates?

We currently sell our chocolates from our Chocolate Café in Eye, Suffolk; our gift shop, The Tilting Sky next-door; and now online.

How soon will you send me my chocolates?

As our chocolates are made in small batches, we only process orders on a Friday. Orders that arrive in the chocolate kitchen by 12pm on a Thursday will be despatched Friday of that week.

Your chocolates are fresh, so should I wait to order closer to the time that I want them?

At peak times – especially Christmas – we strongly advise that you pre-order early, even if delivery isn’t until for later on.

If you order at the last minute, we may not be able to fulfil your request as there is a limit to how many we can make! Once our order book is full we have to stop taking orders – normally around two weeks before Christmas.